2011 Term 1 1:1 Updates


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- Description of different bag options on the web store.

Sandhurst Online Service Portal

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- Instructions re using Online service Portal.

logoapple.pngApple dedicated Education Help Desk number
The number is 1300968979 and hours are 9am to 9pm weekdays and 9am to 6pm weekends.
The Help Desk will answer any Apple hardware queries, OS queries or queries related to all Apple software.
The service is part of the Apple Protection Plan warranty so the caller would need to quote the serial number of the computer covered by the APP warranty

Tech Angels Program

The Technology Innovations Teams (TIG) in collaboration with Apple have developed a 'Tech Angels' program that we are inviting schools to take part in to support and up skill student based 'Tech Angels' teams.
The initial implementation of the Sandhurst 'Tech Angels' program will be based around the following. The program will initially be limited to 13 schools, 7 to be facilitated free by Apple and a further 6 facilitated by Grant Fitzgerald and Glenn McMahon.
  • Schools nominating a team of 'Tech Angels' to be trained in school via an Apple PD expert. The initial team needs to be a group of no more than 10 students.
  • The training will consist of 2 full days. (At least one of these dates needs to be completed prior to the end of Term 1 if facilitated by Apple and the second prior to the Sandhurst ICT conferences)
  • The first day will see the team and the PD facilitator mapping skills that are required, doing some intensive PD and up-skilling and beginning to develop a series of PD resources around specific software packages.
  • Between the 1st and 2nd days, students involved will need to complete some tasks relating to the development of student created resources.
  • The 2nd day will see more intensive PD as well as the refinement and completion of student created resources.
  • As part of both of these days, the participating school staff will also be required spend time with the Apple /PD facilitator to discuss and map the staff PD needs and also be involved in PD sessions.
  • Students involved in the program will also be required to present 'hands on workshops' for attendees at the Sandhurst ICT conferences in Term 2. (providing the implementation of this initial Tech Angels program has been completed by then)
After this first edition of the program has been run in semester 1, all resources will be made available to all school based 'Tech Angels' and staff to access and use in thier individual schools. If you are interested in your school being involved in this exciting program, please register your interest here by next Wednesday, March 2nd: http://tinyurl.com/2011techangels We understand there may be more schools interested in the uptake of this opportunity than there are places available. The selection of the initial schools will be made by members of the TIG team. There will be additional opportunities for 'Tech Angels' teams in semester 2.

ARDSnowLeopard.pngApple Remote Desktop
New price available $99 via the App store. More info http://www.apple.com/remotedesktop/
The screen-sharing features of Apple Remote Desktop allow you to provide immediate help to remote users, saving time for both of you. Don’t want your admin tasks to be seen? No problem. Turn on the new Curtain Mode to block the local user’s view of their desktop. This is perfect when you’re updating a public display. You’ll have full control of the system, but your work will be hidden from view.

Administrators can also use the Remote Desktop widget to observe and obtain access to the computers under their control. And if you need to move files or folders to a single computer, the new, easy-to-use Remote Drag-and-Drop copy function makes the job a snap. You can also copy and paste between local and remote systems — no extra steps necessary.
Tutorial site: http://www.apple.com/remotedesktop/tutorials/easysetup.html

Updates Link to download latest combined software updates: http://www.apple.com/support/snowleopard/
To save excess downloads, have 1 copy of this file downloaded each time it becomes available, then placed on a server for all users to download.


Please check all teacher log ins via CEVN. Also, teachers who have moved schools, there are instructions in the CNA portal on how to move your content to your new school login.

Projector issues There can be some issues with new Macbooks and projectors, particualry with photos and iPhoto showing really dark. To fix this, go into the display settings when connected to you data projector.Go to the "Colour" tab and choose RGB setting - this should lighten up the picture.

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