Collaborative Discussion Activity

For this activity, participants will form groups of 10. The groups need to be a mix of participants from current 1:1 schools and those planning a 1:1 launch. Also a mixture of participants from different schools as well.

Groups will have 12-15 minutes to discuss/brainstorm/share/discuss and list thier ideas around the following concepts. 1 group member will need to be the recorder for the group. Groups will focus on the topics for their stream.

Stream 1 - Groups 1, 2 & 3

Stream 2 - Groups 4, 5 & 6

At the end of the session the 3 groups in each stream will have brainstormed each of the topics in the list and added to the collaborative document for each topic.

Please use a 'No Repeat' strategy, but mark similiar or repeated ideas with an 'x'

Stream 1 Topics:
- PD & Professional Learning
- Learning Environment/Infrastructure
- Software and Web 2.0

Stream 2 Topics:
- Student Learning
- Online Learning environment
- Curriculum Planning/Considerations