Welcome to the Sandhurst 1:1 Network

Welcome to the home of the Sandhurst 1:1 Network.

This wiki is designed to be used to house all information or presentations used at our Sandhurst 1:1 Conference days.

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Next Meeting:

Monday October 18th

Contact Info:
Glenn McMahon
e: gmcmahon@ceosand.catholic.edu.au
b: sandhurstictnetwork.globalteacher.org.au
t: @ceosandhurst
d: delicious.com/mackas
Tom Sexton
e: tsexton@ceosand.catholic.edu.au
t: @tommundoona
d: delicious.com/sandhurstschooldesign
Grant Fitzgerald
e: gfitzger@ceosand.catholic.edu.au
t: @gfitzger62

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